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'AwebZ commitment is to consistently provide high quality, dependable, efficient and cost effective solutions and services to meet their clients needs.'
The perfect balance of high quality at the right price is consistently achieved, as a result of our highly knowledgeable team's ability to provide a fast turnaround competently. Our consistent high standards ensure delivery of reliable and robust solutions, enabling our clients to feel confident taking projects to the next level.

We respect the importance of your business and personal information and do not employ third party companies (unless you have expressly asked for this). Our high security standards ensure all work is carried out from within our offices, NO work is Out-Sourced (so no need to wait for external work to return and then be tested.)

Our commitment to testing prior to a release is the envy of many, solutions are well documented (enabling faster results when customisations are required) and all internet solutions are checked across all the main browsers.
  • Solutions supported by those who make them!
  • Knowledgeable , Friendly and Polite Staff
  • Clear Speaking Support
As AwebZ solutions are designed and developed in-house, we see no reason why we would outsource our support team, so they are here with us!
You can be assured that the customer care team you speak to will know the product, and relay information in a clearly spoken, friendly manner. They will convey information on a level to suit you, to ensure you have fully understood the information you are receiving. We are a happy team, ready to help businesses thrive; even our programmers have a manner that enables them to speak to the general public!

Benefit from our 25 years plus experience in the IT industry. AwebZ broad spectrum of knowledge and experience ensures our clients consistently receive reliable, cutting edge solutions. We have developed our position through the importance we attach to maintaining ours client's highest satisfaction in the products and services we deliver. We understand that your success is our success.

AwebZ was founded when its president, an IT developer with over 25 years experience and owner/president of business software developers Mydasoft Solutions, joined with the vice president in recognising the need for a Specialised Internet Company with values akin to Mydasoft Solutions, in addition to providing 'user friendly' solutions. AwebZ president (A Sun Certified Programmer with a B.Sc. (Hons) in Electronic Engineering from a prestigious English University) has worked on many projects in a wide variety of market sectors. His input in many projects (including the banking and financial sectors of the London Stock Markets for many years) has aspired the high security and standards expected in his companies at all times.

AwebZ President

'My mission is to ensure AwebZ provide high caliber, dependable and User Friendly Internet Solutions and Services at all times. I aim for our standards to be the measure against which all other Internet related companies are compared.'

AwebZ and its client's benefit from the input of our designer's recognition, that many products being offered by our competitors are confusing to users, due to inefficient instructions and design. My intention is to correct this and to further become the Internet solutions partner of choice, by the application of excellence and through the communication of ideas; to the benefit of our customers.'

AwebZ Vice President

'I feel my key role is to ensure that ALL clients, receive manageable products, making certain that the full benefit and flexibility of a product can be appreciated. Whether a client has extensive, limited or NO experience; AwebZ strive to ensure clients can make the most of any product available and should a client require customizations, they must be carried out in a timely fashion. Many times I hear from clients, they were pleased to have finally found a solution that did not require a degree to use it! The truth is, with careful planning and development, a product can be comprehensive, yet easy to use, making sure that your team members are NOT required to spend precious hours learning how to master a piece of software!

Our customer service is hard to beat, all team members are proficient in ensuring you get the answers you need! Our customer feedback has been very positive, making all at AwebZ even more proud of our solutions and services. It's so pleasing to hear that the reliability our products provide to our clients, enables them to have the edge over their competitors.

As well as maintaining our solutions, we are constantly looking forward towards development of the future and researching the future of technology and security. Our products are continually updated to accommodate new trends and requirements to meet our client's needs.

Should you be contemplating AwebZ services or products, I look forward to a long and successful business relationship.'

As well as being suppliers of reliable and comprehensive products, our team specialise in a variety of sectors and have provided services of varying complexities including (but by no means limited to);
IT Consulting Services, System Enhancements, Complex multi-faceted web applications, Bespoke Software and Web designs and upgrades.

Whilst our services are used worldwide, our clientele is predominantly based within Canada, USA and the UK. AwebZ recognise the importance of strict client confidentiality at all times.

Below is a small sample of the clients we have been privileged to provide services to, in addition to our associate company Mydasoft Solutions. Mydasoft Solutions specialise in custom built software solutions and have worked hand in hand with AwebZ on numerous projects.
  • JP Morgan Investment Bank - Asset Management
  • TTS Distributing - 3PL Distribution Company to many of Canada's top companies
  • Northwind Canada (Maestro) - Property Management Systems
  • BNP Paribas - International Finance Banking Organization
  • Balkan Resources - Mining Company (Bi-lingual Site)
  • Carmela Pirillo - CGA - Professional Corporation
  • Insight Eyeworks - Boutique Opticians
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