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Many businesses try to 'make do' with a variety of software solutions to run their business. This is often inefficient, and in a modern business environment, where you need to be in a position to open your market at any given time to new opportunities, your business needs a software or internet solution that can maximize efficiency and effectiveness!
Many of business' day to day operations can be enhanced by a reliable customized software or internet solution. Such solutions are often essential for more effective and efficient business.
Some of the ways AwebZ can help businesses are:
  • Establishing, Developing & Integrating the appropriate software into your existing system.
  • Introducing new systems to meet the challenges faced by the business.
  • Introducing a web-site or ensuring an existing site is fully utilised.
The possibilities that a competent database solution can provide to businesses are endless. Just some of the areas where businesses can benefit include:
  • Data management
  • Stock Control
  • Scheduling
  • Process Flow Control
  • Production/Process management
  • Control of bookings and appointments
  • Day to Day Management
  • Tracking & processing of goods or inventory
  • Record keeping and information retrieval for clients
AwebZ specialize in the supply of dependable, high quality and affordable Information Technology solutions and services. We ensure our clients receive the right software and web based solutions to meet their unique business requirements; and are extremely proficient when it comes to understanding and achieving our clients' requirements.
In today's modern business environment, companies increasingly need to make their information available to a much wider audience. As a result of our extensive knowledge in the latest technologies, we are suitably placed to provide reliable and secure Web based applications to both new and existing clients.
If the time has come for your business to include the addition of web based applications, we would be happy to discuss your requirements.
Web based applications enable you to:
  • Permit controlled access to your business operations through the internet.
  • Use your office facilities from various locations
  • Integrate multiple systems, allowing for the seam-less exchange of data from one system to another, resulting in less manual effort from company staff, less duplication of data and effort and therefore less possibility of errors.
Some examples of additional applications that can be integrated into your web site are:
  • Stock control systems
  • Order management system
  • Office automation
  • Record keeping
AwebZ specialize in the supply of web based solutions designed specifically to meet our clients' unique business requirements.
Whether designing & writing software applications to go hand in hand with database designs, or to interface with an existing database solution, you will find that we are experts, drawing on many years experience of dealing with application design & development.
Where we design new applications, we pay particular emphasis on ensuring that the user interface is just what our clients require. Where we customize, add to or amend existing applications then we ensure that a consistent look & feel to the existing system is maintained.
Our consultants have had exposure to many software creation technologies from low level programming languages, 4th generation languages to modern object oriented languages. Whichever is used, we write efficient, robust code that gets the job done.
A critical aspect of any software product, performance is one of the most
important features that can foster an unfavourable opinion about an application, regardless
of any other features that the application has to offer.
We are highly knowledgeable & experienced at designing applications to give scalability & performance from inception to implementation. We are also adept at analyzing, identifying & fixing performance issues in existing applications; whether they originate from database configuration, poor software implementation or network data transfer.
Leverage more from your existing IT solutions by contacting us to discuss improving the performance of your systems.
Effective organization of data is an increasingly important consideration for businesses in a world of ever growing communications and the escalating need for record keeping.
We are conversant with the need to prevent high volumes of data from impacting the performance of your applications, whilst enabling you to retain the ability to access this data within acceptable time frames.
We would be happy to discuss your requirements for data management and to find out how we can assist you to inhibit the problem of diminishing resources within your systems.
With a wealth of knowledge in the production of high-end & robust database designs,
we are proficient in the translation of our clients' requirements for holding and managing data
into effective database models; and equally proficient at getting those models converted into implementations for the relational database system of our clients' choice.
Working from original concept, our solutions are modeled from the outset with scalability and performance in mind.
Working with existing models, we are able to design extensions that integrate seamlessly, to meet our clients' expectations. We are experts at data modeling and extremely proficient at implementing designs on a variety of the most popular proprietary and open source relational database management providers.
Business utilization of Information Technology has long grown past the stage where it has been possible to redesign or redevelop all existing systems from scratch. In many instances it is not even desirable to do so. The art of systems integration allows for the marrying of two disparate technologies, or the creation of a new technological product to work alongside an existing technology, to provide business benefit or to extend the life of an existing system.
AwebZ have been assisting businesses with systems integration for many years. Our expertise has allowed many disparate systems to communicate and exchange information, to the benefit of our customers.
This is software designed or customized to suit your company's specific needs. Using Customized software gives you the flexibility to upgrade your IT system as and when required, without the need in many cases, to go to the often great expense and trouble of introducing a further product or totally new system.
We would be happy to discuss your requirements for customized solutions and to find out how we can assist you to tailor your information technology solution to meet your specific needs.
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