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We offer businesses a number of Content Management Solution options, they include:
  • Personalized Content Management
  • Independant Markers (within your site)
  • Full Content Management System (for use with custom or pre-designed web sites)
Personalized Content Management
This service is offered to meet the flexible needs of our clients.
  • For clients who have text and images to enter, but are too busy or nervous to carry out the changes themselves
  • For clients who need ideas on how to freshen their pages every now and then
  • For clients who need a consultant to make updates on an immediate, weekly or monthly basis
Independant Markers
This option enables you to change text and images
within your site, using simple boxes and NO CODING! We simply place 'markers' within your site's code, to areas that you know will need to change on a frequent basis.
  • Easier Text and Image Changes
  • No Coding
  • Keep your own site or add to a newly designed site

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Easy to Use Interfaces
The system has been designed to suit all levels of IT competence. This was a key feature during the build and is maintained to this day. We strongly believe that the solution is usable by ALL. You are guided through all areas and whilst the system is fully flexible it does not contain 'unnecessary' buttons that lead to confusion.
Professionally Finished Sites
Whilst some people are comfortable in planning and designing how their pages should look, we have also catered for those who need a little guiding hand. Our designers have put together page layouts to help you should you need them….however we find that once people get started with the system they are confident & happy to attempt page changes themselves.
Accuracy & Reliability
With all AwebZ solutions, you are guaranteed the best in reliability and accuracy. All team members are committed to providing only the most reliable solutions, using the latest technologies. We pride ourselves on the level of quality our products achieve; this is all due to the level of professionalism our designers and developers expect of themselves.
No Software Downloads or Installations
AwebZ content management solution is instantly ready for use, giving you the flexibility to update your site from any location with internet access. No software downloads or time spent installing. This solution offers secure, easy access when you need it.
Great Financial Savings
Many content management solutions require some understanding of coding (HTML), This can result in you becoming dependent on professionals making changes to your site. This dependence can become an expensive job. In addition, if you are using a system that requires some serious thinking, stop and address the costs involved in your time trying to work out how to use it, maybe it's time to try something new ….we think you'll be pleased you did!
Instant Changes 24 / 7
Changes can be made and published whenever you need, from any location! No time delays waiting for 'competent' web companies to carry out your changes. The AwebZ system ensures content changes can be performed in a controlled manner. With the simplicity this solution offers you'll have updates and/or page formats ready in next to no time!
Total Flexibility - No Design Limitations
Flexibility with your page styling, from straight forward text pages, to complex text and image requirements, you will be able to build a page to suit all your needs with EASE! Amendments to text attributes are carried out in a simple fashion. Text attribute amendments allow such changes as text color, font size and weight. Additionally, we have incorporated a simple method of adding links when required.
Personalised Page Service Available
Should you have a need that requires your site to include either an online solution (online bookings, payments etc.) or actions not available on the system, then we provide a personalized service specifically for this. Our developers are ready to accommodate your needs should you need a solution integrated within your site.
No Programming Or Training Required!
Like it says, the coding side of things is taken care of; all you need to do is follow the simple steps set out to complete a task. Absolutely NO TRAINING is required, you are guided through all stages and should you need it, you have the backup of a great support system, including a 'simply' worded help menu.
Excellent Support Service
Who better to support this system than the people who developed it. You will find our staff friendly and always ready to accommodate and help you with your needs. Even our programmers are allowed to speak to the public!
Secure Log In within System
As with all AwebZ solutions, security is always a high priority to us, as such we have a three stage log in system. In addition ALL customization work is carried out IN HOUSE and is NOT OUTSOURCED. We maintain all clients records ourselves and do not pass client information on to any other third parties unless requested to, by the client.
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