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This system is well suited to many of today's businesses.
Whilst the system is powerful in its own right, it is highly configurable
to accommodate individual requirements if required.
Inventory Management Clients
This system provides your business with visibility of accurate, up to the second information regarding your inventory and orders, at a glance. The easy to use system lends itself to the smooth and swift fulfillment of orders, as well as being function enriched enough to deal with many of today's requests.
Ideal for
  • Stores and Clubs
  • Function rich inventory management combined with order entry and tracking makes our solution ideal for any organization, commercial or otherwise, that needs to track or manage inventory.
  • Telephone Ordering
  • Real time stock levels and an easy-to-use order entry facility makes this the perfect solution for capturing telephone orders.
  • Integration with E-Commerce Web-sites
  • When integrated with an e-commerce website, the Inventory Management system complete with Order Entry functionality is perfect for recording orders, managing inventory and tracking progress during order fulfillment.
PRODUCT OVERVIEW (Comprehensive Catalogue of Contents) : PDF DOWNLOADS
  • Web enabled real-time accuracy from any location
  • No costs to integrate software, maintain software on your system or train staff.
  • Capacity to support high volume transactions every day
  • Fast, timely & accurate order fulfillment
  • Maximizes resource utilization, increasing efficiency
  • Visuals of inventory & orders at a glance
  • Quick set ups, competitive pricing
  • Highly configurable
  • Supported by the system's developers
Inventory Management
  • Web enabled real-time system, ensures accurate inventory information
  • Control of stock products and kits
  • Build kits when you want or when ordered
  • Stock replenishment automatically fulfills backorders
  • Multiple SKU level options
  • Many inventory sorting options
  • Red flagging of low stock
  • Quick & easy amendments & replenishments to stock
  • Inventory Validity
  • Automatic replenishment of returned reusable items
Ordering System
  • Real-time ensures accurate information at time of ordering
  • Build kits when you want or when ordered
  • Partial order fulfillment option
  • Automatic fulfillment of backorders when stock becomes available
  • Multiple SKU level options
  • Easy tracking of order fulfillment cycle
  • Information instantly available
User Friendly
  • User security features
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Personalized branding to the user interface
  • Multi browser friendly
  • Printing ability
  • Instant email reporting
  • Red flag low stock levels
  • 24 hour availability from any internet enabled location
  • Split Order Consignments
  • Reduced costs through bulk shipments
  • Multiple shipping addresses
  • Easy shipping entry & tracking
  • Instant shipment & order tracking
  • Configurable integration with local and global shipping groups
  • Generation of address labels
  • Automated reporting of delivery tracking
  • Timely returns processing
  • Makes appropriate inventory adjustments automatically to the system.
  • Easy data entry
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Customizable Features
  • Customizations carried out securely in house
  • Full system testing prior to new releases...Guaranteed
  • Additional modules integrated smoothly

:: TOP

  • Real Time Inventory System
  • Control of Stock Items and Kits
  • Highlight Stock Low Levels
  • Easy Locate System
  • Inventory Validity
  • Fulfill Kit Orders from Stock Items Available
  • Multiple SKU Level Options
  • Identify & Manage Current and Expired Items/Kits
  • Identify & Manage Obsolete Items/Kits
  • Special Instruction Capability
  • Quick Amendment to Stock
  • Easy Replenishment
  • Returns Facility
  • Accurate Product Availability during Ordering
  • Back Order Facility
  • Partial Order Release
  • Last Minute Amendments to Shipments
  • Fully Editable Customer Information to the Point of Release
  • Fast Order Fulfillment
  • Returns Facility
  • Cancellation of Shipments Prior to Fulfillment
  • Full Order Status Facility
  • Order Status Reporting
  • Order History
  • Multiple Address Options
  • User Security Levels
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Fully Customizable
  • Personalized Branding to the User Interface
  • Multi Browser Friendly
  • Customer History
  • Printing Ability
  • Instant Email Reporting
  • Red Flag Low Level Stock
  • Availability
  • Split Order Consignments
  • Orders Bulked as Shipments
  • Multiple Shipping Addresses
  • Configurable Integration with Additional Shipping Groups
  • Easy Shipping Entry & Tracking
  • Instant Shipment & Order Retrieval
  • Automated Reporting of Delivery Tracking
  • Generation of Address Labels
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Real Time Information
  • On The Fly Customer Modifications
  • Global Visibility
  • Accurate Customer History
  • In-house Support
  • Easy to Follow Guide
  • System Access
  • Back Up Solutions
  • Security Experience
  • Stock Criteria Recognition
  • Preferable Customer Rates
  • Regular Order Facility
  • Control Stock in Multiple Buildings
  • Kit Dismantling
  • Reminders
  • Inter Staff Query Facility
  • Job Allocation & Task Monitoring
  • Customized Client Recognition
  • Customized Reporting
  • Priority Ordering
  • Customized Recovery Plans
  • Warehouse Allocation & Zoning
  • Customized Printing Solutions
  • Security and Regulation Solutions
  • Full Assembly & Kitting Functionality

Having provided IT services to both general business and the IT industry for over 25 years we know the importance of reliable solutions built on a solid foundation. Our founder still oversees all quality control and with a background in developments for the London (UK) banking and International Finance Institutes he understands the importance of high standards and implements excellent security, utilizing all the latest proven technologies.

This product was designed, developed and is maintained by AwebZ in house. All modifications are carried out in a controlled environment. Whilst we started our successful business lives in the UK, we now enjoy life in Canada with the benefit of successful business here. We believe the success to our repeat business is due to high levels of customer satisfaction we consistently provide. We make sure we are available and provide answers quickly. Our clients understand their options and you can expect no less!

By designing, developing and maintaining our own products, enables us to offer and ensure high quality workmanship. All AwebZ departments are committed to providing reliable, robust yet flexible solutions, at competitive pricing.

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